Canadian Bison Association's 30th Annual Convention

Celebrating our Past -- Creating our Future


21st Annual Canadian National Show & Sale





Celebrating our Past


The CBA of today would not exist without the founding producers who had the foresight that a national association could market and promote the industry better than individual producers on their own. 



Some of the founders were able to attend this year's convention


 Kevin & Judy Wilkinson & Richard Bintner          Kevin and Judy Wilkinson               Richard Bintner




Don Scott                                                               Gervais Bisson




         Mryt and Bill Lenton           Mryt & Bill Lenton's daughter                          Ross Adams                      

                              Gail and her husband Ryan Reichert                                               



As a tribute to the past, the founders and those producers who brought the CBA to where it is today, Terry Kremeniuk with the assistance of others, gathered 30 years of highlights, the people, the events and the milestones and created a booklet that was distributed to attendees of the convention.  To see the booklet, click on the picture below.


CBA History Booklet.2013 CBA History Booklet.Nov 2013



During the Awards Banquet, the history and founders were once again honoured with a PowerPoint presentation.

Click HERE to view the presentation.


To all those producers, families, volunteers, staff and supporters, who are too many to mention by name, Thank You for all your hard work, foresight and determination to see that the industry not only survived, but thrived, through hard and good times.





creating our future


The industry will not survive without preparing for the future...





The Future Looks Promising...




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We hope if you came to Regina this year, you enjoyed yourselves so much you're already making plans for next year. If you were unable to join us this year, check out this year's highlights and make plans to join us next year.