Canadian Bison Association's 30th Annual Convention

Celebrating our Past -- Creating our Future


21st Annual Canadian National Show & Sale

November 10 - 12, 2013

Venue: Delta Regina


Thank You to all the bison producers (from across Canada and the USA), their families, industry supporters, sponsors, venders, speakers, consignors, founders, barn crew, the auctioneer & his staff, Delta staff, and award committees' volunteers for making CBA's Convention and CNSS a huge success!


Now that the convention is over for another year, check out some highlights of the CBA Convention and the CNSS. 


Getting Ready for the Event


The Convention is LOTS of work.  Set up was Saturday night (Nov. 9th). This is how the space started out.



Here's some pictures of how the magic all happens...


Displays had to be set up.                                      Thanks for your help Jayson!



Signs Displayed




Tables Arranged



Bison Positioned and Bathed


Three hours later.....................everything was set up!



Sunday, November 10, 2013, Day One


The day started out with a great breakfast and then Terry Kremeniuk, CBA Executive Director, (Master of Ceremonies for the convention) officially started the convention and introduced Reed Andrew, the CWA President, who welcomed everyone to Regina and invited them to take in the Agribition.  Mark Silzer, CBA President, then welcomed everyone to the 30th Annual CBA Convention. Dr. David Hughes, the convention's first Keynote Speaker, kicked off the 30th CBA Convention by speaking on From Global Trends to the Consumers' Plates (read Dr. Hughes comments on GMO food labelling HERE) and set the bar high.



Terry Kremeniuk welcoming everyone to the 30th Annual CBA Convention



    Andrew Reed                        Mark Silzer                   Dr. David Hughes


After a great morning of presentations by Dr. Hughes, Dr. Sauchyn, and Dr. Noel Ritson-Bennett, lunch was ready. After a great meal featuring bison and fantastic desserts, the afternoon sessions started with Dr. David Gummer discussing the Restoration of Bison Back to Banff.  Then Sarah Wray talked about the difficulties young farmers are having and how FarmOn is trying to build an online community with young farmers around the world.  Amazingly, regardless of what country young farmers reside, they have the same issues.


The day's presentations ended on a great note with the second keynote speaker, Elaine Froese, speaking on Discuss the Undiscussabull™,...How to Prevent Communication Disasters on Your Farm.


Sunday evening


This year, instead of having a bison producers supply recipes for the hotel to prepare, the young chefs of the Canadian Culinary Federation Junior Chefs were asked to come in and prepare a variety of recipes for attendees to try. WOW!!! What a success!  The meals were fabulous.




A Big THANK YOU to our Chefs!  A Great Job!

Our chefs (in no particular order): Christine Kobsar, Chris Mountney, Kelsey Shepard, Samantha Waselenko, Jennifer Isaac, John Smith, Duane Laundrie, and Rowan Clark



Silent/Fun Auctions

While everyone was helping themselves to some food, they were also checking out the items that were displayed for the silent auction.  The CBA would like to thank those who donated items to the auctions and a big thank you to the people who gave their time to make items for the auction.


Some of the Silent Auction Items





Some of the Live Auction Items




After the winning bids were announced for the silent auction items, it was time for the live auction.  A big thank you to Brennin Jack, the evening's auctioneer, and his staff for an excellent job throughout the evening. They handled the registration of bid numbers, auctioning the items, handling payment and distribution of items.




A big thank you to our "Vannas" Wendy McBride, CBA Office Administrator, and Moriah Pilon, Providence Wood Bison, for displaying and walking about with all the items to the audience during the auction.  Also a thank you to our block"women" Pauline Long Wright, CBA Project Coordinator, & Melanie Bashutski, Triple B Bison, for working the crowd...



           Wendy McBride              Moriah Pilon                         Brennin        Moriah   Pauline                Melanie



Pauline keeping the bids coming


And we haven't forgotten our models...thanks for showing off the merchandise!!!



After the last item was auctioned, $11,130 was raised for the CBA.


The evening ended with Billy the fiberglass bison being auctioned to raise money for STARS

When the dust settled, $10,500 was raised thanks to Armin & Rita Mueller.

For more details and pictures, go HERE


For more information on STARS go HERE

Read about Larissa Helbig's accident in her own words HERE (originally published in Feb. 2013 Smoke Signals)



monday, November 11, 2013, Day two


Monday's sessions highlighted some of the recent bison research that has taken place.  The day started out with Dr. Greg Penner discussing the effects of a High Starch Diet vs. a Low Starch Diet on Bison (read article in The Western Producer HERE).  Then Dr. Jayson Galbraith along with Thomas Ackermann discussed the research being done regarding feeding bison whole oats and rolled oats (read article in the Western Producer HERE)  The marketers panel was next and is always a popular session as it provides producers up-to-date information on the industry from the marketers' point of view.



                               Dr. Greg Penner                                                      Marketers Panel


After the coffee break, the CBA Annual General Meeting took place.  It is during this time that CBA members were given a report on the last fiscal year (September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2013).  Mark Silzer was again elected president of the CBA board.  The official program was done for the day until 6 p.m. when the Awards Banquet began.



monday evening/awards Banquet



Once again, Terry Kremeniuk was the Master of Ceremonies and welcomed everyone to the Banquet.  Rachel and Chance Kroeger said Grace and then the food was ready.



                          After another great meal                         Les Kroeger started the evening's official program


The CNSS Trophies Were Awarded


We've only highlighted the Gold Trophy winners here.  Check out the Jan/Feb 2014 Smoke Signals issue for all trophy recipients and sponsors.



                Gold Trophy 2011 Two Year Old Bull                           Gold Trophy 2012 Yearling Bull

                 Sponsor: Bison Producers of Alberta                                     Sponsor: Provencher Farms

                                    Awarded To                                                               Awarded To

                              Trevor & Jodi Gompf                                                   Nolan & Nicole Miller

                              Bison Spirit Ranch                                                  Silver Creek Ranch



                     Gold Trophy 2013 Bull Calf                                      Gold Trophy 2011 Two Year Breds

                     Sponsor: Hanson Bison Ranch                                               Sponsor: Blanbrook Bison

                                 Awarded To                                                                        Awarded To

                         Moriah and John Pilon                                                            Nolan & Nicole Miller

                      Providence Wood Bison                                                       Silver Creek Ranch



             Gold Trophy 2012 Yearling Heifer                       Gold Trophy Pen of Two 2013 Heifers Calves

                     Sponsor: H&S Bison Ranch                                              Sponsor: Coop Feeds Melfort

                               Awarded To                                                                       Awarded To

                         Nolan & Nicole Miller                                                            Nolan & Nicole Miller

                        Silver Creek Ranch                                                          Silver Creek Ranch


Gold Trophy Pen of Two Heifers Calves

Sponsor: Ontario Bison Association

Awarded To

Jamie Moran

Shale Creek Bison




                                         Reserve Champion Male                                 Grand Champion Male

                                 Sponsor: Paysen Livestock Equipment             Sponsor: Heartland Livestock Services PA

                                                   Awarded To                                                       Awarded To

                                             Nolan & Nicole Miller                                               Trevor Gompf

                                            Silver Creek Ranch                                          Bison Spirit Ranch



                       Reserve Champion Female                                          Grand Champion Female

                  Sponsor: Manitoba Bison Association                        Sponsor: British Columbia Bison Association

                                   Awarded To                                                                   Awarded To

                             Nolan & Nicole Miller                                                       Nolan & Nicole Miller

                             Silver Creek Ranch                                                     Silver Creek Ranch



Premier Breeder: Silver Creek Ranch

Sponsor: Saskatchewan Bison Association



 Les Kroeger received a plaque thanking him for his 10       Mark Silzer presented Kurt Wigness, a retiring CBA Board

      years of service as CNSS Barn Boss.                            member, a plaque thanking him for his years of

                                                                                  commitment and dedication to the CBA.




    Terry Kremeniuk was presented with a plaque by Mark Silzer thanking him for his 10 years of service to the CBA.         

Liliane Kot Memorial Scholarship


Liliane Kot devoted her life to her family, her faith and her great passion for the bison industry. She was a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother. In memory of her wonderful life, husband Bernie Kot and her children and grandchildren have developed the Liliane Kot Memorial Scholarship in remembrance of their beloved Liliane. Each year a scholarship of $500 will be awarded to a selected individual.


Scholarship Criteria:

  • Applicants or their families must be active members of the Canadian Bison Association and their respective Regional Association
  • Applicants must be actively involved in some sector of the bison industry
  • Applicants must be attending or be accepted into post secondary education or training. This may include but is not limited to college, university, or a trade programs.  Applicants must provide supporting documentation.


This year's scholarship was awarded to Gina Van Haren and was accepted on her behalf by her parents, Judy & Erwin.




Myrt Lenton Memorial Award


The Myrt Lenton Memorial Award was established to recognize members of the Canadian Bison Association.  “Those outstanding members and individuals who have worked for and aided in the promotion of the Canadian Bison Industry and the Canadian Bison Association.”


This year's recipient was CBA President, Mark Silzer

                    Todd Dowd  Lille Dowd       Denise Silzer  Gail Reichert (Myrt Lenton's Daughter) Mark Silzer


Terry Kremeniuk                     Gervais Bisson

The banquet attendees were asked to stand to show how many conventions they've attended.  In the end, Gervais Bisson was the lone person standing who had been to all the conventions. As a thank you for his support over the years, he received a $100 Canadian Silver Bison Coin   


That was the end of the formal program.


We hope if you came to Regina this year, you enjoyed yourselves so much you're already making plans for next year. If you were unable to join us this year, check out this year's highlights and make plans to join us next year.




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