Keynote - Jack Brink

Keynote - Dr David Kohl

Keynote - Frédéric Seppey

Adele Boucher - 2012 BISON DOWN

Adele Boucher & Cecil Miskin - Use All Your Bison

Boyd Meyer-Cost of production

Boyd Meyer-herd selection

Brent Warner Culinary and Agritourism Opportunities and Challenges

Chef Frank Widmar-Supplier versus partner

Dr.Dave Hunter - Bison Health

Dr.Donald OToole - MCF In Bison

Dr. James Derr-Mitochondrial genetics of bison

Dr. Pat Burrage - Cause of Mortality in Bison

Dr. Roy Lewis-Bison health vitamins & minerals page 1-20

Dr. Roy Lewis-Bison health vitamins & minerals page 21-46

Dr. Woodbury-Reproduction research

Dr. Raymond -Food safety perceptions vs reality

Hilde Vervaecke - Behavioral Research

Jayson Galbraith - A Bison Farmer and a...

Josée Bourgoin - Terroir presentation

Kevin Ogorzalek WWF-bison conservation

Laura Dobson-Genome Sequencing

Lee & Mary Graese - Matching Perception With Reality

Terry Kremeniuk - Bison Benchmarking Results 2012

Wes Olson - Return of an Icon