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Effective April 1, 2014

Only One Tag Approved for Bison

On January 1, 2001 Government of Canada regulations were passed and compulsory animal identification was introduced for cattle and bison. A specific series of numbers were allocated for bison tags (124,000,300,000,000 – 124,000,304,999,999). The bison industry sold bar-coded dangle tags to producers that were specifically manufactured for bison.

Effective September 5, 2005, white RFID tags were the only tags sold for bison. At that time it was agreed that producers would be given time to utilize their dangle tags. After almost nine years the industry has moved to the use of RFID tags.

Identification and movement recording and reporting requirements for animals are covered under Part XV of the Health of Animals Regulations. The tags used under the national Livestock Identification and Traceability program are approved and may be revoked by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada, with designated authority to the National Manager of the Livestock Identification and Traceability program, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Based on industry feedback, the Canadian Bison Association Board recommended to the National Manager for the Livestock Identification and Traceability Program that the RFID tag be the only legal tag for bison in Canada. Effective April 1, 2014 the RFID tag will be the only legal tag for bison.

Approved Tag

Do producers need to remove dangle tags from the animal before applying the RFID tags?

No the RFID tags can be applied without removing the dangle tag.

For more answers to frequently asked RFID questions go HERE

More information on the Bison identification and traceability program HERE

Approved Bison Tags List HERE
Étiquettes approuvées pour les bisons ici

List of Revoked Bison Tags HERE
Liste des étiquettes révoquées pour le secteur bison ici

CBA Donates $15,000 to STARS

REGINA SASKATCHEWAN - January 16, 2014


The CBA thanks those who bid so actively at the CBA Fun Auction for a life-sized fiberglass bison statue.  After all the dust settled, Rita and Armin Mueller, bison producers from Bentley Alberta were the successful bidders with the bison statue selling for $10,500. The story did not end there.  Armin and Rita donated the bison back to the CBA in support of future fundraising or promotional activities.


Also a thank you to those producers who came forward that evening and helped to increase the donation to STARS to $15,000.


STARS Air Ambulance received a generous donation on January 16th by three cooperative organizations: Canadian Western Agribition (CWA), the Canadian Bison Association (CBA) and Bouchard Livestock. Extensive fundraising activity held during the 2013 CWA generated $30,125 for STARS. Read News Release HERE

Optimism Running High for Canadian Bison Producers

Coming out of the Canadian Bison Association’s (CBA) 30th annual convention in Regina, the general mood in the industry is one of optimism.
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Canadian Bison Association Receives over $225,000 for Agri-marketing Over the Next 5 Years


REGINA SASKATCHEWAN - October 18, 2013

Harper Government Invests in New Markets for Bison Industry

Regina, Saskatchewan, October 18, 2013 – Bison producers will benefit from key
investments in market development that will lead to new export opportunities for the bison sector.


Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced today an investment to the Canadian Bison
Association (CBA) to help the bison industry increase international sales through the
marketing and promotion of Canadian bison products.


"This government remains committed to supporting what matters to farmers: jobs, trade and prosperity," said Minister Ritz. "Canada's bison industry is growing rapidly and this investment will help bison producers make this quality, nutritious, lean red meat a staple at dinner tables everywhere." 

This investment of over $225,000 will help the CBA create demand in new markets,  such as Mexico and China, where they will promote Canadian bison as a unique, high-quality meat product. The CBA will also undertake industry-to-industry advocacy activities with the U.S., strengthening their trade relationship in the process and ensuring long-term prosperity for the industry.

"This investment in market development makes a big difference for a growing industry like ours," said Mark Silzer, President of the Canadian Bison Association. "When these funds are matched by our producers and marketers, it results in an investment of almost half a million dollars over five years to grow and diversify our markets globally."

Read the full news release


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EU Trade Deal good for the Bison Industry


Regina, October 18, 2013 – the announcement confirming Canada’s agreement with the European Union under the comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) is welcome news for the Canadian bison industry. The removal of the tariff is expected to; over time provide benefits to the entire value chain from producer to consumer. A quota of 3,000 metric tonnes provides a potential of up to $50 million in exports or a 25 fold increase over current levels. This will provide the industry with more certainty with respect to access to EU markets and will encourage industry investment and growth.


“This is a great day for the bison industry” stated Mark Silzer, President of the Canadian Bison Association. “We have been working with the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and the Minister of Trade for a number of years. We worked to ensure that the interests of the bison industry were clearly conveyed to both EU and Canadian negotiators” added Mr. Silzer.


 “I want to congratulate Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Gerry Ritz, International Trade Minister Ed Fast and Prime Minister Stephen Harper on achieving this very significant trade agreement. I also want to express my appreciation to the trade negotiators for all their work when at times I expect it was difficult to see the end in sight. This agreement will result in a positive contribution to Canadian Agriculture” concluded the Canadian Bison Association President.


For Further Information Contact:

Mark Silzer, President

Canadian Bison Association 306-231-7805


Terry Kremeniuk

Executive Director

Canadian Bison Association 306-522-4762


News Article

5 Ways the Canada-EU Trade Deal will Impact Canadians



Anthrax Program Changes

Effective April 1, 2013


CFIA sent out a reminder that the Anthrax Program changed on April 1, 2013.  See links below:


Notice to Industry: English Version, French Version

CFIA's Anthrax Page HERE


Protect Your Bison From Anthrax


Bison Marketers Working to Address Challenges of Booming Demand


Posters now available!

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Nov. 24, 2009

Regina SK

Prairie Conservation Action Plan Click here

"Barbecue Bison Perfectly Every Time"

EBOOK is now available.To download your FREE copy of the "Barbecue Bison Perfectly Every Time" EBook, simply click on the following link.

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Ontario Bison Producers Named Young Farmer Of The Year

Farming, family and community are three words which sum up the 2009 Ontario Outstanding Young Farmers, Jason and Christina Pyke. The Pykes of Pykeview Meadows (, a bison and field crop operation on Wolfe Island, received the top honour at the provincial awards ceremony held in London on Tuesday March 10th. 

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Bison Producers Of Alberta Launch Consumer Website


EDGELEY, SASKATCHEWAN Canadian farmers who are finding it difficult to obtain loans due to the tightening of global credit markets can count on the Government of Canada to provide expanded access to credit, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today.  The Harper Government will bring forward new legislation to guarantee an estimated $1 billion in loans over the next five years to Canadian farm families and cooperatives, most of which will go to farmers and cooperatives that were previously ineligible.

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Dr. Terry Whiting

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16th Annual Canadian National Bison Show & Sale

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New USDA Border proposal-only a partial solution for Canada's bison industry


USDA proposes to allow additional imports from BSE minimal risk countries


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Premier Breeder 2006- XY Bison Ranch

Canada Changes Import Regulations For U.S. Commodity

Bison born after January 1, 1999 are now allowed into Canada for slaughter and breeding purposes under certain conditions.

Prices and Optimism Up At The SBA's Premium Stock Show & Sale
A combination of strong prices in the US, a partially opened US border and steadily growing markets for bison meat in Canada, the US and Europe are starting to have an impact on prices paid for bison breeding stock and overall producer optimism here in Saskatchewan.