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RFID Readers 

Now available through the Canadian Bison Association Allflex EID(Electronic Identification) tag readers.  Maximize the benefits of RFID technology, click here

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Member Price $1,250.00 Non-member $1,350.00

Bluetooth Member Price $1,550 Non-member $1,650

All flex RS340 Series Stick Reader — or portable reader, works best for those who desire cord-free capabilities when capturing livestock data from EID tags. The RS340 Series, ISO compatible reader, features an internal battery, LCD read out, tag counter option, internal memory for over 3,000 ID codes. The RS340 Series Stick Reader can easily be converted to Bluetooth® wireless technology by using the optional module providing the utmost in portability and communications.

For more information on the Allflex RS340 Series Stick Reader, click here for the user manual


EID Reader battery pack

Member Price $45.00 Non-member $ 50.00

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Also available charger and protective case

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RFID Tagger

Allflex Universal Total Tagger

Member Price $34.99 Non-member $ 39.95