Marketing Fee


Although bison have been in North America for centuries, the bison meat industry is very new. Bison marketers and individual producers have worked and continue to work on familiarizing consumers domestically and internationally with bison products. The Canadian Bison Association has played a role in developing generic marketing strategies and funding to support domestic and international marketing activities.

Producers continue to invest in the national and regional marketing plans of the bison industry. With the purchase of a bison identification tag, producers automatically contribute $4.00 to a National Marketing Program. Of the funds collected, half are allocated to regions for regional and collaborative projects.

What are the funds used for?

The Canadian Bison Association has been able to acquire additional funding from the federal government to support international marketing activity based on the industry contributions varying from 25% to 50%. Projects supported include:

  • Developing the "Canadian Bison" brand
  • Building a bison display
  • Developing the CBA website
  • Developing promotional material in English, French and German
  • Updating the Food Services Manual
  • Participating in Trade Shows in the United States
  • Supplying material to marketers marketing in Europe
  • Supporting meetings with United States officials to ensure access to their markets.


Although these initiatives focused on the international markets, consumer awareness of bison products nationally is also enhanced.

Regional Associations have also been active in promoting the bison industry and bison products:

Initiatives include:

  • Promoting bison at International & North American Trade shows
  • Promoting bison at the Toronto Royal Winter Fair
  • Billboards in Manitoba
  • Supporting the Canada Games in Saskatchewan
  • Promoting bison at Agribition in Regina
  • Promoting bison at the Calgary Stampede
  • Promoting bison at the Peace Country Classic in Grande Prairie
  • Promoting bison at the World Masters Triathlon in Edmonton

Continued support by producers will allow the Canadian Bison Association to continue to leverage government funding to market bison products domestically and internationally. With growth in support by the industry, the marketing momentum will continue.