The objective of the Canadian Bison Bull Draft is to evaluate individual bison bull performance under a common set of external circumstances. Yearling bulls from different consignors assembled at a host ranch will receive a common health treatment, feed regimen, and handling protocol. The dRAFT bulls will be pastured with bulls from the host ranch. They will be weighed at predetermined intervals. At the end of the program the bulls will have a final weigh in and be semen tested and offered to the public by auction. Awards will be provided for the top bulls and will be based on a combination of their growth performance and the judge’s evaluation.

2015 2016 Consignors

Beldon Bison Ranch--Bell Creek Bison --Bailey Plaiser--Big Country Bison--Bison Spirit Ranch-

Borderland Agriculture--Irish Creek Bison--Last Chance Bison Ranch

Manitou Springs Bison Ranch--Roaming K Bison--Shale Creek Bison--Sunset Creek Bison

Tatonka Ranch--Triple B Bison--Viking Bison Ranch--Wolverine Bison Ranch--XY Bison Ranch



Chair Greg Pagan

Les Kroeger, SBA President

Nathan Scott, SBA Director

Gilbert Provencher, SBA Director

Terry Kremeniuk

Pauline Long-Wright