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sba canadian bison bull draft 2016-2017

Sba Canadian Bison Bull draft also supported by

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Malignant Catarrhal Fever

Informational Document

This document is intended to provide present and potential producers of sheep and bison, as well as governments and policy makers, with information and several strategies that will allow them to manage the risks created by MCF in order for both industries to prosper. To view the document please go Here


To: Saskatchewan Bison Association Members


In my July 7, 2014 letter to Saskatchewan Bison Association members providing an update on the status of work being done on Malignant Catarrhal Fever (MCF), I indicated that the task force on MCF recommended that the Saskatchewan bison and sheep associations develop and deliver educational initiatives for the prevention on MCF.


One of the initiatives was to work with the sheep industry and develop a video that will support education and awareness of MCF. The video is now complete. To view the video please go HERE


The information in the video is expected to be of assistance to present and new producers to manage the risk of MCF in their area. A better understanding of MCF and its potential impact on their herds and operations will provide producers with information to assess the risk to their operations.


I also indicated in the July communication that a best practices document is also near completion. It will be made available once the results of the MCF research and consequent recommendations are made available.


If any of the members have any questions about the information in the video, please do not hesitate to give me a call.


Les Kroeger


Saskatchewan Bison Association







SBA's Canadian Bison Bull Draft has its own Facebook Page. Go HERE

For the 2015 / 2016 Bison bull Draft Results Go here



Saskatchewan Bison Industry


For over 20 years the Saskatchewan Bison Association has worked closely with producers, government and stakeholders to ensure a healthy industry.


Saskatchewan has over 39,000 bison and 352 producers (according to the 2011 Canadian Census).  The Bison Industry in Saskatchewan is seeing steady, stable growth with prices for finished bison and demand for product continuing to be strong.


Bison are indigenous to our country.  They were invaluable to the existence and growth of both the First Nations and early settlers.


The forecast for the industry is good and new producers are needed to meet the growing consumer demand.  Bison offer a healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable food source for today's world.  Consumers are looking to healthier eating and bison fit that profile: lower in fat, no antibiotics and no growth stimulants.


The SBA and its members have a strong commitment to animal welfare.  Ensuring that these majestic animals receive humane treatment as they move through their life cycles. 


Click HERE to see a YouTube video of a SBA producer talking about the bison industry.

About Us


The Saskatchewan Bison Association (SBA) represents the bison industry in Saskatchewan. We work with the Canadian Bison Association (CBA) and other regional bison associations on livestock traceability, bison research, producer profitability, marketing, farm food safety and trade issues.


There is currently  a nine-member SBA Board. Les Kroeger is the current Chair. To see a list of board members and their contact information, click HERE.


As well as being a member of FACS, SBA is also a member and participant in Agriculture in the Classroom, a program that educates a growing number of young people about the importance of agriculture to our province, country and world. As well, SBA is a member of APAS, Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan and is a supporter of FCC's Agriculture More Than Ever program.


SBA hosts booths at the Farm Progress Show, Saskatchewan Cattlemen Association Convention and Agribition to market the Bison Industry in Saskatchewan.  This gives SBA members the opportunity to talk to other farmers, ranchers, producers, suppliers and the general public about the industry.


Saskatchewan Bison Association has established and receives ongoing funding for a Benchmarking Program that was started in 2011.  This program updates bison cost of production and herd performance information which will lead to the development of performance and production benchmarks.  These established benchmarks will allow producers to measurement against them, and whose results can be used to improve practices, and policy & program development.  This information will assist financing and investment decision-making as well.


Membership is voluntary. Cost for 2015 is $236.25 (SBA -$125 +, CBA - $100 + $11.25 GST)


Membership Includes:

  • SBA Membership
  • CBA Membership
  • Reduced pricing on RFID tags
  • Reduced pricing on Marketing Materials
  • Weekly updates on bison prices
  • Weekly E-Newsletter
  • Subscription to Smoke Signals (published 3 times/year)
  • Industry meetings held in different locations in the province during the winter plus a summer field day
  • Representation on various provincial agriculture boards
  • A voice on provincial and national agriculture, producer and industry concerns
  • Marketing at the provincial, national and international level
  • Networking opportunities on a provincial (SBA Industry Meetings and CBBD) and national level (National Convention and National Show & Sale)


It is also important to recognize that when working with government to develop policies for the industry, there is strength in numbers and a common voice. Governments are not able to listen, let alone respond, to each and every person who comes to them with concerns or requests for support. A focused group of bison producers at the national or provincial level can effectively bring common issues to the attention of government most effectively.


Download a Membership Form HERE

Download the Benefits of Membership document HERE

Open a map that shows where the SBA members' are located in Saskatchewan HERE



Benchmarking Year 1

Benchmarking Year 2

Benchmarking Year 3

Benchmarking Year 4

Benchmarking Year 5

Bison Benchmarking Results 2011 Power Point



Saskatchewan Anthrax Response Plan (June 2013)


As of April 1, 2013, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) stopped responding to cases of anthrax.  The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture has established a provincial anthrax response strategy to assist affected producers so that animal and public health are protected. Click HERE for Response Plan Information



Livestock Traceability Rebate Program


The Saskatchewan Livestock Traceability Rebate covers up to 70% of eligible Costs for the purchase &/or lease of traceability technologies. Funding is available for new had-held readers, panel readers (including ultra-rugged reading and tracking devices), traceability software and traceability equipment training. For more details, to access the application form, list of eligible equipment for rebate, etc. go HERE




Upcoming Events


2016 SBA Canadian Bison Bull Draft


Past Events



Canada's Farm Progress Show (CFPS)

SBA was at the CFPS

Where: Regina SK

Location: Evraz Place

1700 Elphinstone St.

Date: June 18 - 20, 2014

CFPS Website



SBA Industry Sessions


Bison Industry Information Sessions
Industry sponsored meetings of stakeholders and producers to provide information on industry trends and bison production

The Saskatchewan Bison Association gratefully acknowledges the support of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

The first Information Session was held in Melfort on February 21st, 2014
Read program highlights and a conversation with Les Kroeger, SBA President from the Melfort Journal HERE

                          Terry Kremeniuk Starts the Day

              Les Kroeger    &    Bob Jackson                               Terry Kremeniuk, CBA Executive Director

                       SBA President    Agribition Bison Liason



The second Information Session was held in North Battleford on February 28th, 2014

Besides the Industry Session, the SBA AGM and Banquet was held in North Battleford


During the evening festivities, Les awarded a Retirement Plaque to Herbert Esquirol to thank him for his years of service on the SBA Board of Directors

Herbert Esquirol  and  Les Kroeger


The SBA Gratefully Acknowledges Our Sponsors

of the Producer Day and AGM in North Battleford SK


Cavalier agro


Canadian Prairie Bison


many bones bison cooperative


white mud farms


Wolverine Bison Company


Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture


The third Information Session was held in Swift Current on March 21st, 3014


Getting Ready for Presentations 

      Producers ready for the session to begin                                  Les explaining why ranch Bison




SBA is a Sponsor of Gold Medal Plates Competing Chef

Simon Reynolds

November 2013


Update: Chef Simon did not walk away with first place but bison was presented to over 500 potential new customers.


Gold Medal Plates is a celebration of Canadian Excellence in cuisine, wine, the arts and athletic achievement. Celebrated in eleven cities across Canada in 2013, Gold Medal Plates features the premier chefs in each city in a competition to crown a gold, silver and bronze medal culinary team in each city, and subsequently nation-wide at the Canadian Culinary Championships.


Friday, November 8th Chef Simon Reynolds, owner of Simons Fine Foods in Saskatoon will be competing at the Saskatoon Gold Medal Plates competition which is being held at (Prairieland Park).  The winner will represent Saskatoon at the national Gold Medal Plates competition in Kelowna, B.C., next February. The Saskatchewan Bison Association is a sponsor of Chef Reynolds.

His tasting dish and wine pairing for 550 people uses two cuts of Saskatchewan Bison

  1. Sugar cured bison striploin cooked sous vide
  2. Shortrib ragout served in a mini yorkshire pudding

You can follow the competition via twitter on November 8th @

For more information on Gold Medal Plates go to their website HERE

Check out Simon's website HERE  or follow him on Twitter or Facebook




SBA Supports the Annual FACS "We Care" Billboard Campaign


These billboards feature photographs of young producers and their families as examples of the dedicated care provided by those who raise livestock and poultry in Saskatchewan.   This campaign runs May through November and 28 billboards will be seen in and around Regina, Saskatoon and Moose Jaw.  SBA is a 2013 Campaign Partner.

Read FACS News Release HERE   FACS Website HERE


The Billboards sponsored by SBA will be seen at the locations below for a minimum of 28 days


May 13 - Arcola Ave. & Victoria Ave. F/E

November 4 - Broad St. and 12th Ave, F/S


July 22 - Idylwyld Dr. and Isabella St. F/S

August 26 - 51st and Faithful Ave. F/W



Canadian Bison Association Summer Field Days

Hosted By: Saskatchewan Bison Association

Where: North Battleford SK

Locations: Kramer's Big Bid Barn (map) and Western Development Museum (map)

Date: July 12 - 13, 2013


The 2013 Summer Field Days event was a great success with many producers taking in the You Be the Judge Workshop on Friday, July 12th and presentations on research and NGO Bison Herd updates on July 13th.  There were producers from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec and we want to thank them for making the effort to come to North Battleford.


Workshop Participants at Kramer's Big Bid Barn


Dr. Gerald Parsons & Kevin Wilkinson presented the judging workshop at Kramer's Big Bid Barn.  They explained what to look at / for when evaluating animals and then had the group look at pictures and decide which of those animals were the best ones to add to a herd.


Les Kroeger, SBA President, introducing the workshop presenters,

Kevin Wilkinson (sitting) and Dr. Gerald Parsons


The group was then divided into two and taken out to the holding pens to look at 4 bulls and 4 heifers and rate them using the provided scoring cards. The groups then returned and participants were asked how they rated the animals and to explain their decision.  Public speaking is often the most difficult part of the judging process.


Future Judges hard at work scoring the animals they just saw


Dr. Parsons explained that when "judging" animals at a show, you must be able to explain why you placed the animals in a particular order. The producer in each each category (bulls/heifers) that gave the best explanation was given a prize.

A big thank you to Rosedale Bison for supplying the live animals for the workshop.


That evening a BBQ was held at the North Battleford Western Development Museum (WDM).  There were bison burgers & smokies, salads and dessert.  Everyone had the opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet some new producers.


The next day was filled with presentations on nutrition, bison health research and updates on NGO herds.  A fantastic lunch was served: bison on a bun, salads, fresh fruit salad and a fabulous dessert that had everyone coming back for more.


Room getting full as presentations are about to start at the WDM


This event would not have been possible without the support &/or sponsorship of the following organizations:


Ministry of Agriculture, Saskatchewan Government

Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

Rosedale bison

Kramer Auctions Ltd.

Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk Inc.

Canadian Prairie Bison




Canada's Farm Progress Show (CFPS)

SBA had a booth at this show

Where: Regina SK

Location: Evraz Place

1700 Elphinstone St.

Date: June 19 - 21, 2013

CFPS Website




2013 Discover Saskatchewan Trade Show

Organized by: We Shop Local

SBA had a booth at this show

Where: Regina SK

Location: Agribition Building, Evraz Place

Date: May 10 - 11, 2013

We Shop Local Facebook Page HERE





Ag in the City - Sasktoon

SBA had a booth at Ag in the City

Where: Saskatoon SK

Location: Lawson Heights Mall (map)

134 Primrose Drive

Date: Saturday, April 13, 2013


Ag in the City-Saskatoon is a one-day event that was located this year at the Lawson Heights Mall in Saskatoon. It presents an opportunity for the whole family to experience a variety of fun activities to showcase Saskatchewan's diverse agriculture industry. It allows people to explore how agriculture impacts their daily lives, from food to non-food uses. 

Visit Ag in the City - Saskatoon Website HERE



Bison at Gardenscape

Saskatoon Gardenscape brought back their popular BBQ cooking show and bison was on the menu presented by the SBA

Location: Saskatoon SK

Where: Prairieland Park

Date: March 24, 2013

Time: 1:00 p.m.

On The Menu: Charred Rare Bison Tenderloin with Saskatoon Berry Rosemary Dressing

Chef: Executive Chef Drew Hornell (Delta Bessborough)

Gardenscape Website

See pictures of the event HERE

Recipe for the event HERE



Saskatchewan Bison Association

Premium Stock Show and Sale

On March 2, 2013, SBA held its annual Premium Stock Show and Sale

Locaton: North Battleford SK

Where: Kramer's Big Bid Barn

Click HERE for Sale Summary



Saskatchewan Bison Association

Achieving the Bison Industry's Vision

The Saskatchewan Bison Association hosted Information Sessions for producers and bison stakeholders in February and March 2013. There were presentations on current Market Trends, Benchmarking Project Update, Research Projects that are ongoing or recently completed, Winter Feeding, Growing Forward II, CFIA Update, Serving Local Markets, Agriculture More Than Ever and Focusing on Agriculture.

There were three sessions:

      1. Prince Albert - February 12, 2013  Click HERE to see Highlights of PA Session
      2. North Battleford - March 1, 2013   Click HERE to see Highlights of North Battleford Session
      3. Moose Jaw - March 12, 2013         Click HERE to see Highlights of Moose Jaw Session


The SBA gratefully acknowledges the support of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture for the above sessions.



Contact Us


Saskatchewan Bison Association

P.O. Box 31

Regina SK S4P 2Z5

Phone: 306-585-6304

Fax: 306-522-4768




Picture supplied by Les Kroeger