The bison traceability is an industry program initiated and established trace back system for the control and eradication of disease. The bison identification system is operated in conjunction with the Canadian Cattle Identification (CCIA) system.

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Although bison have been in North America for centuries, the bison meat industry is very new.


Bison marketers and individual producers have worked and continue to work on familiarizing consumers domestically and internationally with bison products


Bison Registry(french)



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Bison Auction/Show & Sale Results


SBA Canadian Bison Bull Draft Page click here



Advance Payment Program Now Available To Producers Who Market Their Products To The Retail Market

The Advance Payments Program (APP) is a federal loan guarantee program that helps livestock producers meet their financial obligations and benefit from the best market conditions by improving their cash flow throughout the production period. The Manitoba Livestock Cash Advance issues producers a cash advance on the anticipated value of their livestock that is being produced. Producers can receive a cash advance on up to 50% of the expected average market price of the livestock.

The Canadian Bison Association worked with producers and the Manitoba Livestock Cash Advance managers to make the Cash Advance Program available to producers who market their bison to the retail market from their farm. Producers who have their animals slaughtered will have 30 calendar days from the date on the slaughterhouse receipt to repay their advance. The number of bison slaughtered must be included on the slaughterhouse receipt. For additional information and application forms go to or call 1-866-869-4008

Le Programme de paiement anticipé est maintenant offert aux producteurs qui commercialisent leurs produits sur le marché de détail

Le Programme de paiement anticipé (PPA) est un programme fédéral de garantie d’emprunt qui aide les producteurs de bétail à respecter leurs obligations financières et à bénéficier des meilleures conditions du marché en améliorant leurs liquidités tout au long de la période de production. Le programme Manitoba Livestock Cash Advance fournit une avance en espèces sur la valeur prévue du bétail qu’ils produisent. Les producteurs peuvent recevoir une avance en espèces pouvant atteindre 50 % du prix moyen prévu du marché du bétail.

L’Association canadienne du bison collabore avec les producteurs et les gestionnaires du Manitoba Livestock Cash Advance afin de mettre le PPA à la disposition des producteurs qui commercialisent leur bison sur le marché de détail à partir de leur ferme. Les producteurs dont les animaux sont abattus disposent d’un délai de 30 jours civils pour rembourser leur avance, et ce, à compter de la date indiquée sur le récépissé délivré par l’abattoir. Le nombre de bisons abattus doit figurer sur le récépissé remis par l’abattoir. Pour de plus amples renseignements et pour obtenir les formulaires de demande, visitez ou téléphonez au 1-866-869-4008.


The Winners have been announced...

The winners of the 2014 CBA Annual Photo Contest have been chosen.
To see the first, second and third place pictures of the four seasons go HERE

Previous Years' Winners



Information on program, host hotel, etc. HERE


2015 Membership


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Please take a moment to complete the application form to update the information we have on file for you and send it back to us with your membership fees.


Remember, due to Canada's anti-spam law we can not continue sending you the CBA e-newsletter or other communications unless you give us permission by marking the check box on the application.


Your renewal/membership can be mailed, faxed or emailed to the CBA office.


Through the Lens of the Producer

Over the past years the CBA has asked its members to send in pictures of their bison in the four seasons.  HERE then are the Seasons of the Bison-through the lens of the Producer.


CBA 2014 Convention Highlights

Pictures that were taken at this year's Fun Auction and Awards Banquet have been put into video format.

Go HERE to see Video for the Fun Auction

Go HERE to see Video for the Awards Banquet

Remembering Our Producers


Thomas Ackermann: April 6, 1968 – November 27, 2014



Thomas Ackermann was the CEO and Marketing Manager of Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk Inc., Chairman of the Bison Producers of Alberta and Vice-chair of Canadian Bison Association.


Thomas passed while tending to livestock, in a farm vehicle accident, during the late afternoon of November 27, 2014.


Thomas was extremely passionate about the bison industry and took pride in all that he did working to promote an industry with a bright future.  Thomas was a man who was greatly respected and loved. His enthusiastic nature and charismatic personality kept him surrounded by many loving friends, family and colleagues.


Thomas was a dedicated family man, a great friend and a fantastic team leader, and will be missed deeply by his loving wife, his three beautiful daughters, and all who had the pleasure to know him and call him a friend.


Memorial donations can be made to the children’s trust fund called “The Ackermann Princess Trust Fund” c/o any ATB Alberta Branch. 

Transit #: 856  Account #: 00363486800






Don William Taylor: April 3, 1946 – December 1, 2014



Don Taylor was the eldest of five children. He loved his two sons and grandchildren. He also had a passion for bison and a great love for the family dogs.


Don enjoyed his work consulting in the oil patch and when he was at home he used his welding skills to “women proof their handling system and corrals. Don with his wife Bev purchased their first 14 bison in 1994 while living near St. Paul Alberta. They moved to the Two Hills area in 2002 and grew their herd. Although Don was not able to attend all the bison shows and sales because of his job, he spoke often and with pride of the awards and accomplishments of his wife Bev.


To all his acquaintances and friends Don was known as a considerate, friendly, fun loving man who always want to help those in need. He will be missed by all. 



The Canadian National Show & Sale
November 25 2014 Everaz Place, Regina SK

The Canadian National Show & Sale was once again held in conjunction with the Canadian Western Agribition. Sale day was November 25, 2014 at 11:00 AM .

22nd CNSS Full Sale Results HERE

22nd Canadian National Show & Sale Catalogue HERE



CBA President Pleased Canada - EU Trade Negotiations Concluded

Read News Release HERE



SAVE THE DATE: AUGUST 7th & 8th, 2015


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  • Camping Manitoba Website HERE
  • Riding Mountain National Park Camping Opportunities Website HERE
  • Discover Clear Lake Website HERE

Carmen Ramstead
Manitoba Bison Assocaition

PH: 1-866-790-1541



Do You Want BIG
Travel Insurance Savings?

The CBA has partnered with ATI Insurance Inc. to provide members with another benefit -- Comprehensive Travel Insurance at a discounted price.

Please go HERE and make this insurance program part of your annual travel plans.

Service is offered in English and French.



The SBA along with the sheep industry have created a video that will support education and awareness of Malignant Catarrhal Fever (MCF).


The information in the video is expected to be of assistance to present and new producers to manage the risk of MCF in their area. A better understanding of MCF and its potential impact on their herds and operations will provide producers with information to assess the risk to their operations.


To View the Video Go HERE

Advance Payments Program


Since inception, the Canadian Bison Association Advance Payments Program has extended over 346 loans for almost $36.4 million.  A majority of the funds extended were interest free.


The Canadian Bison Association diligently lobbied Government to ensure that bison producers were afforded the opportunity access funds via the Cash Advance Program.  Through continued efforts the CBA has ensured that the Advance rates are consistent with current market values.


Here is a link to the information on the cash advance program. 


To obtain an advance under the program go to  or call 1-866-869-4008.


The Canadian government has introduced new anti-spam legislation which comes into effect July 1, 2014. The law will regulate the distribution of all commercial electronic messages within Canada.

In order to comply, the CBA is required to obtain your consent in order for you to continue to receive our electronic communications. This includes our e-newsletter, announcements, invitations, surveys, market commentaries, and other electronic information sent out from time-to-time.

To avoid any disruption to the service, please email and confirm your consent to continue receiving electronic communications from the Canadian Bison Association.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Canadian Bison Association office at or 306-522-4766.


Please Note: If CBA does receive your consent by the end of July 1st we will no longer send you the e-newletter.

Canadian Bison Association
Herd Registry Launched

The Canadian Bison Association is ready to accept applications to register your bison herd. Our vision is to provide an economical infrastructure that will allow for the registration of wood, plains and wood/plains cross bison herds while concurrently supporting the infrastructure required to build wood and plains foundation stock and the evolution and growth of the individual bison registry.

A Letter to CBA Members from CBA President, Mark Silzer HERE

For More Information on the CBA Herd Registry, Application Forms, etc. Please Go HERE


Mycoplasma in Farmed Bison Survey


The Mycoplasma in Farmed Bison Survey intends to supply the bison industry with much needed knowledge, so that evidence-based decisions can be made to protect herds and control the spread of this emerging disease.

The Survey is a collaborative effort of the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Alberta Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Canadian Bison Association, veterinarians, and bison producers. It will be launched in May 2014 and is designed to provide valuable information about:
The proportion of bison herds affected by Mycoplasma-associated disease throughout Western Canada; The disease’s clinical appearance, distribution, frequency, and severity; The potential risk factors associated with the development of Mycoplasma-associated disease.

Participation in the study is entirely voluntary and confidential. If you participate, between May 2014 and May 2015, you can expect the following:

PHASE ONE: Randomly selected bison producers will be contacted for a brief phone interview, regarding the frequency and clinical appearance of Mycoplasma-associated disease within the industry.

PHASE TWO: For those who choose to participate in Phase Two, a farm visit will be arranged and an on-site interview will be conducted to assess potential risk factors involved in Mycoplasma-associated disease. (Optional: Blood samples for Mycoplasma antibody levels will be collected for a limited number of farms).
By participating, you will receive a final report that will allow you to compare your operation – including management decisions and practices – anonymously with others within the industry.

Moreover, by taking a few minutes to share your experience and opinions about this major concern for the North American bison industry, you will greatly help the efforts to control this emerging disease. It is only with the generous help of people like you that our research can be successful!

To find out more about Mycoplasma in Farmed Bison Survey 2014-15, please contact:

Dr. Ana L. Bras
University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine
3330 Hospital Dr. NW, HRC 2518
Calgary AB T2N 4NT

Phone: 403-210-7959

Effective April 1, 2014

Only One Tag Approved for Bison

On January 1, 2001 Government of Canada regulations were passed and compulsory animal identification was introduced for cattle and bison. A specific series of numbers were allocated for bison tags (124,000,300,000,000 – 124,000,304,999,999). The bison industry sold bar-coded dangle tags to producers that were specifically manufactured for bison.

Effective September 5, 2005, white RFID tags were the only tags sold for bison. At that time it was agreed that producers would be given time to utilize their dangle tags. After almost nine years the industry has moved to the use of RFID tags.

Identification and movement recording and reporting requirements for animals are covered under Part XV of the Health of Animals Regulations. The tags used under the national Livestock Identification and Traceability program are approved and may be revoked by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada, with designated authority to the National Manager of the Livestock Identification and Traceability program, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Based on industry feedback, the Canadian Bison Association Board recommended to the National Manager for the Livestock Identification and Traceability Program that the RFID tag be the only legal tag for bison in Canada. Effective April 1, 2014 the RFID tag will be the only legal tag for bison.

Approved Tag

Do producers need to remove dangle tags from the animal before applying the RFID tags?

No the RFID tags can be applied without removing the dangle tag.

For more answers to frequently asked RFID questions go HERE

More information on the Bison identification and traceability program HERE

Approved Bison Tags List HERE
Étiquettes approuvées pour les bisons ici

List of Revoked Bison Tags HERE
Liste des étiquettes révoquées pour le secteur bison ici



Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife In Canada

COSEWIC assesses the status of wild species, subspecies, varieties, or other important units of biological diversity, considered to be at risk in Canada. To do so, COSEWIC uses scientific, Aboriginal traditional and community knowledge provided by experts from governments, academia and other organizations.


In 2013 COSEWIC assessed the status of Plains Bison and Wood Bison.


To read more about COSEWIC, it's recommendation regarding the status of the Plains and Wood Bison go HERE



The Winners Are...

CBA holds a photo contest every year.  The theme for 2013 was "Seasons". Bison Producers submitted photos representing the seasons and the first place photo of each season is featured on the cover of CBA's Publication Smoke Signals' February cover.

To view the First, Second and Third place photo of each season, click HERE


CBA Donates $15,000 to STARS

January 16, 2014



Terry Kremeniuk, CBA Executive Director and STARS Personnel


The CBA thanks those who bid so actively at the CBA Fun Auction for a life-sized fiberglass bison statue.  After all the dust settled, Rita and Armin Mueller, bison producers from Bentley Alberta were the successful bidders with the bison statue selling for $10,500. The story did not end there.  Armin and Rita donated the bison back to the CBA in support of future fundraising or promotional activities.


Also a thank you to those producers who came forward that evening and helped to increase the donation to STARS to $15,000.



Terry Kremeniuk and STARS Personnel


STARS Air Ambulance received a generous donation on January 16th by three cooperative organizations: Canadian Western Agribition (CWA), the Canadian Bison Association (CBA) and Bouchard Livestock. Extensive fundraising activity held during the 2013 CWA generated $30,125 for STARS. Read News Release HERE

Marty Seymour (CWA), Brian Bouchard (Bouchard Livestock), Terry Kremeniuk (CBA) and STARS personnel


For the Bison Auction Market Reports/Summaries

go to CBA's Bison Auction/Show & Sale Result PAGE

Advance Payments Program


Since inception, the Canadian Bison Association Advance Payments Program has extended over 346 loans for almost $36.4 million.  A majority of the funds extended were interest free.


The Canadian Bison Association diligently lobbied Government to ensure that bison producers were afforded the opportunity access funds via the Cash Advance Program.  Through continued efforts the CBA has ensured that the Advance rates are consistent with current market values.


Here is a link to the information on the cash advance program. 


To obtain an advance under the program go to  or call 1-866-869-4008.

2013 Canadian National Show & Sale Results Available HERE



On Sunday night, November 10, 2013, at the CBA Annual Convention Fun Auction...


After the silent auction & fun auction items were sold, Terry Kremeniuk, CBA Executive Director, introduced Larissa Helbig of Thundering Ground Bison Ranch, a bison producer (and CBA member) who was critically injured in 2011 and would not have survived if not for STARS getting her to the hospital so quickly.


The auctioneer, Brennin Jack announced, "Our next item for sale is the fiberglass bison. The money raised on this item will be donated to STARS".


 CBA Fun Auction Auctioneer Brennin Jack.Nov 2013Fibreglass Bison being auctioned for STARS.Nov 2013

Brennin Jack, Brennin Jack Auctioneering, Readies the Crowd


After the dust settles..."SOLD for $10,500 to bidders Armin & Rita Mueller!"


THANK YOU to the all the bison producers who attended and bid on the auction items and helped to raise over $10,000 for STARS.


Thank you to Larissa for sharing her story with all of us and a very big thank you to the Muellers for their generosity and support for the auction and STARS.

Jeffrey Dickson, STARS Community Relations, with Larissa Helbig accepting the check from Rita and Armin Mueller

Jeffrey Dickson, STARS Community Relations, with Larissa Helbig accepting the check from Rita and Armin Mueller


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CBA's 30th Annual Convention

Celebrating our Past - Creating Our Future


21st Annual Canadian National Show & Sale


November 10-12, 2013

Venue: Delta Regina


The CBA Convention is over for another year.


Some Links You May be Interested In



canadian bison association receives

over $225,000 for agri-marketing
over the next 5 years


Harper Government Invests in New Markets for Bison Industry

Regina, Saskatchewan, October 18, 2013 – Bison producers will benefit from key
investments in market development that will lead to new export opportunities for the bison sector.


Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced today an investment to the Canadian Bison
Association (CBA) to help the bison industry increase international sales through the
marketing and promotion of Canadian bison products.


Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz Making the Announcement that CBA will receive $250,000 over the next 5 year.Oct 2014  Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz Making the Announcement that  $250,000 over the next 5 year will be given to CBA.Oct 2013

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz Making the Announcement


"This government remains committed to supporting what matters to farmers: jobs, trade and prosperity," said Minister Ritz. "Canada's bison industry is growing rapidly and this investment will help bison producers make this quality, nutritious, lean red meat a staple at dinner tables everywhere." 

This investment of over $225,000 will help the CBA create demand in new markets,  such as Mexico and China, where they will promote Canadian bison as a unique, high-quality meat product. The CBA will also undertake industry-to-industry advocacy activities with the U.S., strengthening their trade relationship in the process and ensuring long-term prosperity for the industry.


CBA President Mark Silzer Speaking on the $250,000 Announcement.October 2013

CBA President Mark Silzer

"This investment in market development makes a big difference for a growing industry like ours," said Mark Silzer, President of the Canadian Bison Association. "When these funds are matched by our producers and marketers, it results in an investment of almost half a million dollars over five years to grow and diversify our markets globally."

Read the full news release HERE


CBA Executive Director Terry Kremeniuk, AG Minister Gerry Ritz & CBA President Mark Silzer.Oct 2013

CBA Executive Director Terry Kremeniuk, AG Minister Gerry Ritz & CBA President Mark Silzer


News Articles


Global Regina: Federal government to boost bison industry


CKRM 620 News Radio: Bison industry gets Federal Funds


The Western Producer: Canadian Bison Industry Receives Federal Funding for Market Development


EU Trade Deal good for the Bison Industry


Regina, October 18, 2013 – the announcement confirming Canada’s agreement with the European Union under the comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) is welcome news for the Canadian bison industry. The removal of the tariff is expected to; over time provide benefits to the entire value chain from producer to consumer. A quota of 3,000 metric tonnes provides a potential of up to $50 million in exports or a 25 fold increase over current levels. This will provide the industry with more certainty with respect to access to EU markets and will encourage industry investment and growth.


“This is a great day for the bison industry” stated Mark Silzer, President of the Canadian Bison Association. “We have been working with the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and the Minister of Trade for a number of years. We worked to ensure that the interests of the bison industry were clearly conveyed to both EU and Canadian negotiators” added Mr. Silzer.


 “I want to congratulate Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Gerry Ritz, International Trade Minister Ed Fast and Prime Minister Stephen Harper on achieving this very significant trade agreement. I also want to express my appreciation to the trade negotiators for all their work when at times I expect it was difficult to see the end in sight. This agreement will result in a positive contribution to Canadian Agriculture” concluded the Canadian Bison Association President.


For Further Contact:

Mark Silzer, President

Canadian Bison Association 306-231-7805


Terry Kremeniuk

Executive Director

Canadian Bison Association 306-522-4762


News Article

5 Ways the Canada-EU Trade Deal will Impact Canadians


Premiers Happy with EU/Canada Trade Deal
Deal Good For SK
Deal Good For AB



IGAC communiquÉ


The Industry Government Advisory Committee (IGAC) has sent out a document that was developed based on the last IGAC meeting (June 2013) as a tool to help facilitate communications of IGAC meeting results & activities to industry stakeholders, etc.


IGAC is the advisory body leading the development and implementation of the livestock and poultry components of a National Agriculture and Food Traceability System (NAFTS).


English Version

French Version


2013 CBA National Summer Field Days

Hosted by Saskatchewan Bison Association

July 12 - 13, 2013

North Battleford SK


The 2013 Summer Field Days event was a great success with many producers taking in the You Be the Judge Workshop on Friday, July 12th and presentations on research and NGO Bison Herd updates on July 13th.  There were producers from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec and we want to thank them for making the effort to come to North Battleford.


Dr. Gerald Parsons & Kevin Wilkinson presented the judging workshop at Kramers Big Bid Barn.  They explained what to look at when evaluating animals and then had the group look at pictures and decide which of those animals were the best ones to add to a herd.


The group was then divided into two and taken out to the holding pens to look at 4 bulls and 4 heifers and rate them using the provided scoring cards. The groups then returned and participants were asked how they rated the animals and to explain their decision. 


Dr. Parsons explained that when "judging" animals at a show, you must be able to explain why you placed the animals in a particular order. The producer in each each category (bulls/heifers) that gave the best explanation was given a prize.


That evening a BBQ was held at the North Battleford Western Development Museum.  There were bison burgers & smokies, salads and dessert.  Everyone had the opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet some new producers.


The next day was filled with presentations on nutrition, bison health research and updates on NGO herds.  A fantastic lunch was served: bison on a bun, salads, fresh fruit salad and a fabulous dessert that had everyone coming back for more.


This event would not be possible without the support &/or sponsorship of the following organizations:


Rosedale Bison

   UofS WCVM Logo            Government of SK Ministry of Agriculture Logo 

         Kramer Auctions Ltd. Logo                         Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk Inc. Logo

     Canadian Prairie Bison Logo                         Allflex Logo


Live Web Camera Allows a Real-time View of Bison Watering Hole in Grasslands National Park


Parks Canada has announced a partnering initiative with to bring a slice of Canada's natural wonder to audiences around the world.. is a philanthropic media organization and media division of the Annenberg foundation.  To read more about this initiative go HERE. 

Go to the webcam page HERE

There are 2 cams to choose from:

  1. Plains Bison & Prairie Dogs
  2. Plains Bison - Water Hole.

Bison a Great Hit at SIAL Canada

in Toronto

(April 30 - May 2/13)


Thousands of trade show attendees sampled bison products at SIAL Canada – some for the first time. Executive Chef Jachecki and Chef Mike Chung tempted attendees with bison tartar throughout the three days.

On the first day food enthusiasts were served bison tacos made from Chipotle and Serrano marinated bison skirt served with sweet onion, cilantro and radish.

Day two brought Korean marinated bison boneless chuck short ribs which attracted long line-ups. Day three concluded with bison flat iron steak served with fresh herbs, black pepper and sea salt.

The industry was very fortunate to have representatives form Rangeland Bison and Elk, Northfork Bison and Carmen Creek Gourmet Meats to deal with questions about bison products, the quality of the product, price and availability.

Please watch for the recipes  and more information in the June Issue of Smoke Signals.

CBA at 2013 SIAL Toronto


Anthrax Program Changes

Effective April 1, 2013


CFIA sent out a reminder that the Anthrax Program changed on April 1, 2013.  See links below:

Notice to Industry: English Version, French Version

CFIA's Anthrax Page HERE


Bison Jerky Now In Space

Chris Hadfield describes how a person's sense of taste changes in weightlessness and then he shares a collection of Canadian Food which includes Bison Jerky from Saskatchewan brought to the Space Station on board SpaceX's Dragon.

Watch HERE



CBA would like to thank everyone who submitted pictures in the 2012 Photo Contest.  It was very difficult to pick the top three in each category.

The winners can expect their prizes to arrive in the mail in the next few weeks.

To see CBA's 2012 Photo Contest Winners Click HERE



Agriculture More Than Ever

Join the conversation

 Agriculture More Than Ever Logo

A new initiative underway invites you to champion the agriculture industry and play a role in changing perceptions about agriculture. To read about the initiative click HERE.


Canadian Food and Industry Guide

Through the power of a partnership the CBA has again joined marketers to promote bison through a two-page spread in the Canadian Food and Industry Guide. Almost 7,500 copies are circulated amongst 10 food and grocery showcases in the Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal areas from October 2102 to August 2013. This is a great way to economically enhance the profile of bison domestically and internationally. To see the promotion click HERE.


IBC 2012

Speaker presentations now online-click here


cba logo gift ware

Click HERE to view the items

click on form to download the order form



Promotion in Germany

Two promotional pieces being used in Germany to promote bison.  One is a short announcement  a short announcement, placed in a local paper, regarding the Edeka Gourmet festival. Although the article is in German, you’ll see from the photo that   bison is being featured. Also attached is an image of 2 pages  of a Government of Canada promotion  in a Kaufhof Galeria Gourmet Extra Tour Catalogue which will be released at the end of October. This catalogue feature will coincide with a Canada Brand promotion we are organizing with Kaufhof at 25 of their locations across Germany. Bison is once again a featured product

Click here short catalogue                 Click here short announcement



click here for complete new release

Conservation Committee Seeks Comments

on Proposed Guidelines


Over the past 18 months, a group of private bison ranchers, industry experts, bison researchers, and conservationists

concerned with bison have met to discuss several key issues related to the long term conservation of bison.


According to the report, the central goal for the guidelines is

that they lead to better management practices and conservation goals by bison managers in North America.  The guidelines can also act as a stimulus and mechanism to create greater awareness of

and initiate dialogue on issues concerning the need to conserve and maintain the genetic integrity and wild characteristics of bison

while maintaining the economic viability of bison ranching



CBA members can download the draft guidelines here. Comments

on the proposed guidelines can be submitted until April 28 to the following email address


The Bison Conservation Working Group began meeting in late 2009

with the goal of establishing a series of principles that would

help bison managers manage their herds to achieve conservation outcomes for the species and the ecosystem.. The working group

is comprised of the following industry representatives:

  • Bruce Anderson, Bison Owner and Processor
  • John Flocchini, Durham Ranch
  • Steve Forrest, World Wildlife Fund-US
  • Alejandro Grajal, Chicago Zoological Society
  • Duane Lammers, Wildlife Biologist and Bison Consultant
  • Chad Kremer, Bison Herd Manager Custer State Park and independent bison rancher, Kremer Buffalo Company
  • Thomas LeFaive, Turner Ranches
  • Dawn Montanye, World Wildlife Fund-US
  • Dan O'Brien, Wild Idea Buffalo
  • Kevin Ogorzalek, World Wildlife Fund-US
  • Tom Olson, Conservation Committee Chair, Canadian Bison Association
  • Shane Sarver, PhD, Black Hills State University
  • Jim Stone, Inter Tribal Bison Council


   Bison Producers Handbook


NOW AVAILABLE Click here for more information

Download Order Form HERE